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Internet is considered as the life force of any present-day business. Your enterprise requires a Business Internet Connectivity that’s quick, unbudgeable, and high- standard at a cost that you can bear.
In today’s world, the business firms primarily count on the Internet connectivity to commune internally with the workmen and externally with the clients and business collaborators. The entire Business could come down to a distressing end – including the sales, the customer relationship management, and the business profits, without a dedicated network connection.
The data connection is essential for every single multi-channeled customer experience.
Experience the fastest and unhesitating internet speed on our operating and flourishing broadband network over multifarious gadgets.
Operate and run briskly and spirited with high pace, authenticity, and frugality that only Wireless Business Internet can deliver.
Connect with swiftness and unyoke your hired hand to contribute to the project proficiently while boosting productiveness and managing costs.
We, the Wireless Business Internet provide internet service with practicable installation timelines.
 Enjoy the continuous fast speed Internet Service to be on par with the pace of your business Firm.


Broad Coverage: If you want to maximize coverage across the whole business firm then wireless business internet is the perfect available option.

Flexibility: There is another level of flexibility with the wireless business internet. You can just practically upgrade your connection speed temporarily at any moment. You can easily accustom for any change in the speed requirements.

Get the matching high speeds: Upload the data as fast as you can download it. Therefore, there is harmony in the speeds of uploading and downloading.

The fastest Wi-Fi: MetroWireless Provides you with the fastest internet service ever to keep your staff and the customers connected.

Enhanced Security Systems: Our internet service helps keep your data away from any harm.

Economically Low Cost: The Wireless Business Internet is profitable as it is cost-efficient. The expenditure of the firm decreases and thereby the profits increases.

Lightning Fast, Efficient and Dutiful customer care service: We ensure that our customers are satisfied by the provision of service before, during and after the installation. Your requests, queries or complaints, early in the day or late in the evening, we have got your back.

Makes The Business more Productive: With the use of Wireless Business Internet the productivity increases as more work could be done with the same labor.

Why Pick Metro Wireless as Your

Business Internet Service Provider?


FREE Installation

No taxes

No hidden fees

Immediate install

Highest speeds available

No equipment rental fees

Small & big business options

Permanent, temporary & backup options

Solutions for multisite locations

Have advanced networking or IT needs?

Metro Wireless, an ISP, offers temporary, permanent and backup services including fixed wireless, fiber, LTE, P2P, SD-WAN, colocation, DAS, managed WIFI and hosted PBX. Metro Detroit based and serving nationally, we have a commitment to serve businesses and provide them the fastest most reliable services on the market today. Work with us today and embrace the age of wireless networks to advance your career trajectory.

How fast is your Business Internet Service?

Our Internet speeds run up to 10 Gig based on your area and business size. We pride ourselves in being the fastest Internet service provider in America.

Do you service small businesses?

Absolutely! We have business Internet customers of all sizes including enterprise levels with multiple locations.

What does Business Internet Service cost?

How much is installation?

Our installs are free, no strings attached.

Are there rental fees for equipment?

Absolutely no fees. Or taxes or hidden fees, either.

What if our business has an outage?

Outages, although extremely rare, do happen. Rest assure our support team is available 24/7 to assure you stay up and running. Plus we offer a variety of affordable backup options too, so you stay up and running in every scenario. Plus, we have an SLA to put your mind at ease.

What services does Metro Wireless offer?

We offer temporary, permanent and backup services including fixed wireless, fiber, LTE, P2P, SD-WAN, colocation, DAS, managed WIFI and hosted PBX in Metro Detroit and nationwide. Visit our website for all of our services.

How fast is my Internet today?

You can check your Internet speeds, use our Internet Speed Test here.

What if I don't know which service we need?

We have you covered. We can evaluate your needs based on your number of employees and usage. Contact us for a quick evaluation today.